New Beginnings

4 October, 2011 (09:04) | News

On Sept 30, 2011, my job with Campus Crusade for Christ has finished. The project of Archivo Cero is only half way completed, but will be picked up by the team in Barcelona, Spain to finish out. I’ve learned a lot and have many new memories to take with me. However, in God’s perfect timing, I received very good news in my last week.

As of Monday, Oct 3, I am officially hired at EA Sports. My position is Associate Technical Artist. Starting off, I’ll need to “learn the ropes” and get an understanding of the new softwares I will have to use. After 6 months, I’m hoping for a promotion from the “Associate” level. I will be working on the Football games. Electronic Arts is a great step in my career and I’m looking forward to creating some amazing technical art!


19 June, 2011 (20:42) | News

I have a new Demo Reel uploaded as of the beginning of June, 2011. Also, I’m currently working on a short film with some friends.